Performance Marketing

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance Marketing is an all-encompassing term that refers to online marketing and advertising programs and campaigns where marketing companies and online publishers are paid when a specific action is completed such as a sale, a lead, a click etc.

Unlike other forms of traditional advertising where fees are paid up front and do not depend upon the success of the ads, advertisers in performance marketing only pay for agreed successful transactions. (See FAQs: Performance Marketing)

Where does Deal Locators use Performance Marketing?

1. Deal Locators Affiliate Network

Deal Locators Affiliate Network is a performance marketing program. It enables Merchants / Advertisers to have their links displayed on the websites of affiliate / publishers while only paying for the ads on a pre-agreed performance basis.

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2. Online Promotions & Advertising

Deal Locators undertakes extensive Online Promotions and Advertising campaigns to help grow sales for business customers. This often extends to email and social media campaigns, incentive campaigns using coupons, discounts, competitions, draws & prizes as well as online advertising.

Subject to agreement, part or all of such campaigns may be undertaken by Deal Locators on a pay-on-performance basis.

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