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Everyone Can Buy & Sell with Deal Locators

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Find Out How to Buy & Sell with our FAQs

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How to find Online Deals with Deal Locators

Deal Locators provides quick & easy access to the Best Deals around.

There three great ways to find wonderful deals with Deal Locators:

Local Areas

Click Here for Local Areas.  Then select the Area that you are looking for.  You will find here a wide range of businesses, products and services that are available within your local area plus deals that are available online.

Buy & Sell Online

Click Here for the latest Buy & Sell Deals.  Find products that are being sold on an Auction and Buy Now basis from a wide range of different sources.

Deal Locators Shopping

Click Here for the Deal Locators Shop. In the Deal Locators Shop you will find products from well-known Brands at discount prices.  All items are new and unused and come with Deal Locators Five Star Shopping guarantee that includes free delivery in the UK and Ireland.


Selecting Categories for Buying and Selling

Whether buying or selling, Deal Locators uses six principle categories for all products and services:

  • Personal Shopping

    • This includes everything of a personal nature for you, your friends and your family plus gifts and presents. Here you will find fashion items, Health & Beauty items, Jewellery, and items for Babies, Toddlers and Kids plus much more.
  • Home & Garden

    • Items for the Home, the garden and your vehicle (whether it is a car, motor bike, push bike or whatever). Our Home & Garden sections include Beds, Collectables, Furnishings, Heating, Kitchen &Dining, Lighting, Pets as well as Washing & Cleaning.
  • Entertainment

    • This is a very large section with a range of items from Books, Computers, CDs/DVDs, Video Games & Musical Instruments to Tickets, Hobbies, Home Entertainment, Phones plus Sports Goods, Equipment and Memorabilia.
  • DIY, Hardware & Workwear

    • DIY Products & Accessories, Hand Tools, Power Tools and Workwear are all included in this category.
  • Holidays & Travel

    • Look out for special Holiday and Travel deals.  For a large selection of Holiday and Travel items visit the Holiday & Travel Section.
  • Food & Drink

    • Online Food and Drink deals.

Please note that there are some small variations as well as additional categories in our Local Areas Section.


How to Get Started Selling Online


Do I need Membership to Buy & Sell with Deal Locators?


Do I Pay a Monthly Subscription?


Do I Pay Listing Fees?


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