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Top Brands at the Lowest Prices

Well-known, reliable and quality brands at discount prices.  Visit our online shop for quality products at prices that are consistently 10% lower than on eBay.

Shopping Deals from Deal Locators

Real Bargains at Unbeatable Prices

A diverse and wide variety of products designed for home and personal use at unbeatable prices.

Shopping Deals from Deal Locators

Maximum Discount Deals

The maximum discount on numerous personal and domestic quality products.

Shopping Deals from Deal Locators

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Performance Advertising & Promotional Programmes for Merchants & Publishers … and Affiliate Programme

Sellfast International specialises in Selling, Promoting and Advertising for Businesses that wish to develop their appeal and their sales in the consumer marketplace.

Advertising A performance based digital advertising network providing the best return for a merchant’s advertising spend; and opportunities for affiliates and publishers to monetise their websites.

Promotions: Schemes to incentivise customers through sponsorships, prize draws and email & social media marketing campaigns.

Customer Retention:  Valuing existing customers  via individually designed company loyalty schemes that provide special and discounted products and services to loyal customers.

Digital Content Publishing Services for Readers, Writers and Businesses

DL Digital Publishing is an online publisher of blogs, articles, books and short stories as well as Business information and audio & video clips.

Readers:  Free access to large swathes of online content including all blogs, articles and short stories.

Writers:  Become a published writer and take advantage of our free accounts for blogs and articles.

Businesses:  Publish business information including technical and customer help & advice plus other promotional information.

Dispatch and Fulfilment Services designed specially for Online Businesses

Centurion Business Services is a dedicated logistic business that provides a range of logistic-based support services and acts as a logistic partner to business of all types and sizes.

Specialising in fulfilment on both a national and international basis, Centurion aims to take the hassle out of logistics by providing a high quality service and solutions in a business arena that is notorious for having the ability for things to go wrong.

Quality Discount Shopping: Branded items, Holidays, Prizes, Rewards & Local Deals

Shopping Deals: Deal Locators sells top brands at the lowest possible prices.  Their prices in the deal Locators shop are around 10% cheaper than on eBay. there is free delivery on all items when delivered in the UK and Ireland.

Weekend Deals:  Items in Deal Locator’s super discount Weekend Deals are normal around half the price that they are normally in the Deal Locators shop.  Items vary from week to week.

Rewards: Deal Locators runs regular Prize Draws and a VIP Club through which loyal customers are able to access numerous discounted products and services across the internet.

More About What We Do

Publishers of Online Content

Blogs, Articles, Books, Short Stories, Business Publications and Audio & Video clips

For Readers

Free access to online content – follow your favourite writers and bloggers.

For Writers

Become a Published Writer and take advantage of our free accounts for your blogs and articles.

Publish your Books and Short Stories online or become a self-publishing author.

For Businesses

Publish content that gets results for your business including technical and customer and advice information.  Sign up for our customer retention programme and offer your loyal customers fantastic offers and discounts.

Other websites published by DL Digital Publishing

Performance Driven Digital Marketing for Merchants & Affiliates - The cheapest way to grow Sales

The Centurion Business Services website is currently been rebuilt.

For further information, help and/or advice contact Centurion by ringing:

01291 370020

or click on the contact button below to leave a message.

Worldwide Distribution and Fulfilment

Online Sales Solutions for Businesses

Online Solutions for Businesses to increase Sales and Reduce Costs

Increase Sales and Grow your Business with the help of Deal Locator’s Online Business Solutions

Start Selling fast online with Deal Locator’s eCommerce solutions

Digital Marketing to get more traffic to your website; try our advertising network for best returns

Logistic Services (including Fulfilment) designed specifically for those that sell online

Increase sales and Profits with our performance-based online advertising

Monetise your website and earn money with the Deal Locator’s Affiliate Programme

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