About Deal Locators

At Deal Locators we are here for you

We aim to bring the best in online shopping and entertainment.   

  • The Deal Locators Shop provides quality online shopping at the lowest possible prices. The same items can be found for around 10% less here than can be found on, for example, eBay.
  • Great Stores Online is a free-to-watch video channel telling fascinating, true and exciting stories from the past often with fully restored and colourized footage.  And there is History Briefs where the story about famous people and events is told in a quick and precise manner.
  • UK Traveller – coming soon.  Videos about travel and holidays both in the UK and abroad.
  • Best Pub Quiz is an essential source of pub quiz questions providing answers to questions that you never even thought of.
  • I-love-this is where you find a wide collection of online deals brought together for easy access and quick reference.
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