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The Deal Locators Handbag Collection

Beautiful Affordable Handbags and Purses

Deal Locators brings you Fabulous Affordable Handbags: High Street Trend at a value-for-money Price. High quality handbags at really sensible prices  that you can afford to use not merely for functional purposes but also as part of your chic and stylish everyday outfit. Though designed to be beautiful and of high quality, our expanding range offers outstanding value with a starting price of just £8.99.

FREE Delivery on all items unless otherwise marked (applies UK & Ireland only)


Baby & Toddler

Including Clothes, Toys and Baby-care Items

Deal Locators has a special Baby & Toddler section where you can find loads of quality Baby and Toddler items at typically discounted Deal Locator Prices. Just click on the image above to find tops, shirts, body-suits, mittens, sun-shades, potties, pushchairs as well as toys, dolls & teddies and pre-reading books amongst the many items for babies and toddlers.