Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Building Relationships and Developing Trust

Content Marketing is the type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material in blogs, social media posts, podcasts and, increasingly, videos. Here copywriters create magnetic headlines while marketers develop must-see landing pages and eye-catching emails. It is all the cause of getting potential customers interested in what you are about.

The use of Content Marketing, unlike advertising, is not explicitly to make a sale.  It is intended to stimulate potential interest in your products or services.

This is quite a long-term strategy that is based upon building a strong relationship with your target audience. You giving them, on a consistent basis, high quality content that is very relevant to them and they will start taking notice of you.

It means creating and sharing valuable free content that attracts and gains sufficient trust that they want to do business with you. This in the long-term should convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers.

Give Customers Reasons to Buy from You

The type of content you need to share should be closely related to what you sell.  By doing this you are, effectively, educating people to your way of thinking. So when the customer is ready to make a purchase decision, their loyalty is already with you. They will then purchase your product in preference to competitors’ products or services.

In contrast to one-off advertising, content marketing shows that you actually care about your customers. Today, more than ever before, customers need to be made to feel cared about.  Content gets their attention and getting their attention is the most valuable resource to have on the internet.

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