Information about Deal Locators

(for Media & Press)

Deal Locators is an online eCommerce and Performance Marketing business based in Monmouth in South Wales.

It provides an online consumer-orientated platform for the sale and promotion of goods and services which gives businesses a cheaper and more direct route to market and gives consumers a wide range of purchasable goods and services at realistic prices.

Deal Locators is remunerated when selling products and services for third party businesses on a performance basis rather than charging, more traditionally, advertising fees.

Much emphasis is put on what is provided by local businesses who, despite the wide array of products and services that they provide, do not have the wider sales opportunities of larger national and multi-national firms.

e Commerce

UK based Deal Locator websites provide comprehensive shopping extending from Health & Beauty to IT equipment, from Home & Garden to Food & Drink and from Kid’s Toy to DIY Products.  Additionally there is a wholesale and business section while holidays & travel is also well covered.

The online shopping provided by Deal Locators is extensive and extends internationally on a multi-channel basis beyond the Deal Locators platform.

Deal Locators is working towards the launch of an online marketplace later this year.  Consumers as well as businesses will be able to sell online on both an auction and buy now basis. The aim is to provide a cheaper alternative to the expensive national and multi-national marketplaces that currently dominate this arena. 

Fulfilment (packing and dispatching) is undertaken by Deal Locators subsidiary business Centurion Business Services who, additionally fulfil orders for other businesses especially those that sell online.

Performance Marketing

Deal Locators provides online marketing services for its own eCommerce platform as well as business customers. Acting as an online publisher, Deal Locators enhances performance through the use of paid search and social media.  This is augmented by its own affiliate programme.

Direct Line for Press & Media Information: +44 (0) 7834 285210

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