“Online Marketing is any effort made to spread the word about your company, your brand or your products that uses the internet to reach people.”

Building a website is only half the operation if you want to have a successful website. So the second part is to attract people (traffic) to your website. This is largely done through Online Marketing to which there are various elements all of which Deal Locators undertakes.

Also see: Online Promotions & Advertising.

Search Engine Marketing

Being found and being seen on the internet is largely achieved by getting to the top of Search Engine Results. This can be achieved quickly with Search Engine Marketing (“SEM”).

Getting to the top organically can takes months, sometimes even years depending upon the competition. However, SEM shortcuts this process.  It is, therefore, especially effective for projects and sales opportunities that are of a short timescale.

Search Engine Marketing is also a particularly good way of channeling traffic directly to specific product landing and sales pages.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-per-Click is a model of internet marketing where an advertiser pays a fee to another website owner each time one of their ads (containing a link to their website) is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to their website. In many respects this is performed through Search Engine Marketing (see above) but also by Affiliate Marketing (see below).

The concept may sound simple but it takes a considerable amount of work and research to ensure that suitable keywords are chosen at a sustainable cost.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing is about creating and sharing valuable free content on the Internet.  This is to attract and convert prospects into becoming customers, and customers into becoming repeat buyers. So the type of content shared is closely related to what is being sold. Essentially it is an education process that aims to get people to like and trust a business.

Content Marketing stands out because of the difference between content marketing and the other informational rubbish (including spam) that you get from companies that are actually trying to sell you something.

Social Media Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing boost sales on a website through increased traffic. It is estimated to be the most cost-effective way of generating good internet traffic. Working through an Affiliate Network, links clicked on Ads on Affiliates’ websites direct traffic to the Merchant.  This form of traffic is seen as good because it is inclined to attract only those who are serious about buying.

Deal Locators runs an Affiliate Network that joins Merchants and Affiliates together for each others’ mutual benefit. A big advantage for Merchants is that they only pay on the results (usually sales) achieved.  This is unlike most other forms of advertising and marketing including other forms of Pay Per Click.

Email Marketing

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