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We really hope that you will have an enjoyable and rewarding time with Deal Locators and we would like to hear about your comments and experiences with Deal Locators.

To help us do that we like to hear from you.  Tells us about your experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly.  And tell us about anything that you feel other people ought to know about. (see below)

Also, tell us about what you would like us to include at Deal Locators.Tell us what you don’t like and tell us whether our service is up to the standard that you expect.

At Deal Locators we have someone whose job could be described as the “Head of Happiness”.  Their task is to ensure that we do everything possible to keep our customers happy.

So here is your opportunity … if you want to tell us anything just let us know below.

Please note: The comments left by other people do not necessarily represent the views of Deal Locators,  Deal Locators will not accept or tolerate any abusive and/or personal attacks on individuals, organisations or institutions.  Additionally, Deal Locators never involves or associates itself with any Political, Religious or Discriminatory comment of any kind.  

Where any comments are supplied that do not meet these criteria, they will be removed and if thought necessary reported to the appropriate authorities.

Deal Locator websites are designed to be “helpful” to other users by being informative, truthful & balanced and all comments should be made on that basis.  

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